Using the DVD

The Great Awakening DVD is intended for public viewing in schools and in churches, as well as for private viewing in homes. High schools and middles schools students can learn history from the documentary. Teachers can reinforce what their students have learned using the handouts and homework assignments included on the DVD. Churches can likewise learn history that will strengthen their faith by watching the documentary as a congregation. If you plan to show the DVD publicly, consider following some of the advice below.

Publicize the showing.

Gilbert Tennent

For churches: Let the church know about the showing well in advance—at least two weeks in advance. Announce it in your church bulletin or on your church website, giving the date and time that it will be shown and including a brief description of the DVD. Encourage the congregation to invite people who don't usually come to church. Consider announcing the showing in your local newspaper.

For schools: Though your students will come to class whether or not you publicize the DVD, telling your students about it in advance will encourage their interest.

Know how to use your audiovisual materials.

For schools and churches: If you will be showing the DVD in a church or an auditorium, be sure that you know how to use the video and sound systems. If you'll be showing it in a class, be sure that you know how to use the television or projector. It wouldn't hurt to play part of the DVD in advance to make sure your equipment works. It's important to be ready so that you don't waste the time of your audience or class.

Teach the Great Awakening before showing the DVD.

For schools: Prepare your students to view the DVD by discussing the Great Awakening in class. That background knowledge will let them learn more from the documentary. You might choose to assign background reading as well, from the bibliography on this site. Assign readings from the supplementary materials on this website, and discuss them in class.

Follow up after showing the DVD.


For churches: The DVD discusses the Great Awakening to give you the opportunity to discuss salvation. Use the Personal Awakening section of this website (which is also included on the DVD itself) to share the gospel. Tell people about this website so that they can learn more about the Great Awakening for themselves.

For schools: Use the worksheets provided on the DVD to go over the material covered by the documentary. Consider assigning the worksheets as homework or giving them as a quiz, or go over them with your students in class. Assign readings from the supplementary materials on this website, and discuss them in class.

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