The History of American Evangelism

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The History of American Evangelism is a mural painted by Jim Brooks. The mural illustrates the history of evangelism and evangelists in British North America and the United States, beginning with colonial America and extending through the early twentieth century. It features twenty portraits—seventeen of famous evangelists and three of songwriters. Those portraits are tied together by three scenes—George Whitefield preaching in a field, Francis Asbury riding a circuit, and Bob Jones Sr. preaching in a revival tabernacle. The canvas, which stretches 6'8" tall by 19'6" wide, hangs in the rotunda of the Bob Jones Jr. Memorial Seminary and Evangelism Center.

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Jim Brooks, "The History of American Evangelism," in The Great Awakening: Spiritual Revival in Colonial America, Item #56, (accessed October 1, 2020).



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