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While he was preaching in Georgia, George Whitefield wrote this letter to a certain Mr. Noble, his host during his stay in New York. In this letter Whitefield expresses his desire to preach the gospel.

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Whitefield, George. George Whitefield to Mr. Nobles, 8 December 1739. In The Life of the Rev. George Whitefield, edited by Rev. L. Tyerman. 2 vols. 2nd ed. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1840. http://greatawakeningdocumentary.com/items/show/19


Upper Marlborough, December 8, 1739

DEAR SIR,—I cannot defer writing to dear Mr. Noble any longer. This afternoon God brought us hither. Some are solicitous for my staying here to-morrow. As it seems to be a call from Providence, I have complied with their request. Oh that I may be enabled to lift up my voice like a trumpet, and to speak with the demonstration of the Spirit and with power! These parts are in a dead sleep. At Annapolis, I preached twice, and spoke home to some ladies concerning the vanity of their false politeness. But, alas! they are wedded to their quadrille and ombre. The minister of the place was under convictions. He wept twice, and earnestly begged my prayers. He will not frighten people, I believe, with harsh doctrine. He loves to prophesy smooth things. God blessed the word wonderfully at Philadelphia. I have great reason to think many are brought home to God. Oh, help me, help me, dearest Mr. Noble, help me to be thankful; and accept my thanks, though late, for all favours received when at New York. Salute your dear wife, my kind hostess. Exhort her to be severely kind to her little boy. I am your weak, but affectionate friend, brother, and servant in Christ,

George Whitefield

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