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This portrait is a representation of John Wesley, the Anglican minister who co-founded Methodism.

This portrait is a representation of George Whitefield, the preacher of the Awakening on both sides of the Atlantic.

This portrait is a representation of Charles Wesley, the hymnwriter, Anglican clergyman, and co-founder of Methodism.

“I love those that thunder out the Word,” said George Whitefield. “The Christian World is in a dead sleep. Nothing but a loud voice can awaken them out of it.” Whitefield was almost certainly the greatest evangelist of the eighteenth century. He preached throughout the British Isles and the British colonies in North America. Although Whitefield’s reputation has been overshadowed by Wesley’s, his contribution to the revivals of the eighteenth century is almost as great.

George Whitefield, the famous evangelist, became friends with Benjamin Franklin, the famous printer and philosophe, while he was visiting Philadelphia on a preaching tour. This essay takes excerpts from the correspondence between two remarkable men of the eighteenth century.
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