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A lesson about George Whitefield, a minister who preached the Awakening in Britain and North America.

This portrait is a representation of George Whitefield, the preacher of the Awakening on both sides of the Atlantic.

This portrait is a representation of the Anglican itinerant minister George Whitefield. It is a detail of a larger painting, titled The History of American Evangelism.

In this sermon, George Whitefield uses Christ's question to the Pharisees—"What think ye of Christ?"—and asks his listeners the same question. Whitefield's theme is to explain "what those who are truly desirous to know how to worship God in spirit and in truth, ought to think concerning Jesus Christ," especially concerning His deity, His humanity, and the justification he offers sinners. Whitefield closes with an appeal to "examine yourselves, therefore, my brethren, whether you are in the faith."

The Great Awakening affected not just the individual, but also the family. In this sermon, George Whitefield urges his listeners to worship God not just in their churches, but in their homes. He describes the ideal experience of a true Christian family.

In this sermon, George Whitefield lays out the characteristics of true believers. His purpose is to explain what it means to "be converted, and become as little children." In contrast with theology before the Great Awakening, Whitefield argues that to be converted is to have "some great, some notable, and amazing change pass upon our souls."

“I love those that thunder out the Word,” said George Whitefield. “The Christian World is in a dead sleep. Nothing but a loud voice can awaken them out of it.” Whitefield was almost certainly the greatest evangelist of the eighteenth century. He preached throughout the British Isles and the British colonies in North America. Although Whitefield’s reputation has been overshadowed by Wesley’s, his contribution to the revivals of the eighteenth century is almost as great.

George Whitefield, the famous evangelist, became friends with Benjamin Franklin, the famous printer and philosophe, while he was visiting Philadelphia on a preaching tour. This essay takes excerpts from the correspondence between two remarkable men of the eighteenth century.

This article in The New England Weekly Journal, a newspaper, describes how George Whitefield preached while he was in New York.

Benjamin Franklin became acquainted with the evangelist George Whitefield when Whitefield was preaching in Philadelphia. Franklin mentions Whitefield in this excerpt from his Autobiography.
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