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Portrait of George Whitefield This portrait is a representation of George Whitefield, the preacher of the Awakening on both sides of the Atlantic.
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George Whitefield was a dynamic preacher, who had a preaching style that thrilled large audiences. Without audio or video recordings, it is difficult for history students to understand what it would have been like to hear Whitefield. But by reading his sermons and looking at pictures of him, you can get some idea of what he would have sounded like.

Look at the picture of Whitefield preaching to the left. The read at least one of the three Whitefield sermons available on this website: Marks of a True Conversion, The Great Duty of Family Religion, and What Think Ye of Christ? You can find the titles by searching for them to the left, or by browsing to them in the sermon collection. While you're reading, try to answer the questions below.

What kind of gestures did Whitefield use? Do you think that he moved around a lot while preaching?

Did Whitefield just talk about the Bible he preached, or did he speak directly to his audience? (Hint: does he use the word you a lot?)

Does Whitefield ever tell stories or use illustrations? How often?

Does Whitefield preach about conversion a lot?

Did Whitefield have to compete with other ways of communicating (like television or radio or the Internet)?

Some of Whitefield's words might be hard for you to understand, but he did preach several hundred years ago. Do you think his audience understood what he was saying?

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