The sources available from this site are grouped into collections. Some collections contain primary sources, which are documents and images from the Great Awakening itself. Other collections contain secondary sources, which are the writings of historians and other scholars about the Great Awakening written after the fact. Read the titles and descriptions below to explore the collections.

Essays and Articles

This collection presents articles and essays written by historians about the Great Awakening. These brief, easy-to-read articles tell more of the story of the Great Awakening. Some of the articles were written by the historians who were interviewed for the documentary DVD. Most come from books published by BJU Press.

Quotations from the Documentary

The documentary DVD quotes numerous primary sources. This collection offers the context of many of those quotations by providing you with the primary source. The portions used in the DVD are marked in bold.


Sermons were at the heart of much of the Great Awakening. This collections lets you read the famous sermons of the Great Awakening, by preachers like Jonathan Edwards, Gilbert Tennent, and George Whitefield.


View portraits of the famous evangelists, theologians, and pastors of the Great Awakening.

Lesson Outlines

Outlines of eight lessons for teaching about the Great Awakening, prepared by Dr. Mark Sidwell. Topics include a general introduction to the Great Awakening, along with lives of major contributors to the Awakening.

Supplementary Materials

Supplementary materials included on the DVD of the Great Awakening documentary.

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