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By the early 1700s, the New England colonists forsook their Pilgrim heritage and desire for religious freedom and instead pursued material success. In the midst of this spiritual deadness, God intervened and effected a drastic change—the Great Awakening. Beginning with the preaching of Jonathan Edwards and continuing through the travels of George Whitefield, the Great Awakening redirected the colonists' concerns toward their spiritual state. Genuine religious fervor replaced the former passivity, and many colonists, recognizing for the first time their personal guilt and need of salvation, repented of their sins and dedicated their lives to the service of God.

The Great Awakening documentary chronicles the radical spiritual transition though dramatic characterizations, images, and personal interviews. While educating about the historical details of this time, The Great Awakening portrays the lasting and spiritual changes that took place in the 1700s and presents the need for a personal awakening today. The Great Awakening is appropriate for all age groups. It is an excellent resource for families to use in their devotions, educators to use in their schools, and church leaders to use in their Sunday schools and Bible studies. Study guides in PDF form are included as additional resources. English subtitles are also included.

Interviews with Scholars

The following scholars of history and literature are interviewed in this documentary.

Carl AbramsCarl Abrams is a professor of history at Bob Jones University and chair of the Department of Social Studies Education. He earned his PhD in history from the University of Maryland at College Park. Dr. Abrams has written several books, including Conservative Constraints: North Carolina and the New Deal, Selling the Old-Time Religion: American Fundamentalists and Mass Culture, 1920–1940, and a forthcoming book on fundamentalism and modernist culture.

Rachel LarsonRachel Larson is a professor of history at Bob Jones University, where her classes include surveys of American history during the colonial period. She earned her PhD in early American history from Emory University. Before becoming a professor at BJU, Dr. Larson taught American history at Bob Jones Academy for many years, and she has served as an advisor to several textbooks at BJU Press.

Edward PanosianEdward Panosian is a retired professor of history and of church history at Bob Jones University, where he was the chair of both the Department of History and the Division of Church History. He earned his PhD in church history from BJU. He is the author of The Providence of God in History. Dr. Panosian delivers a series of monologues about church history, titled Church History in First Person.

Brenda Thompson SchoolfieldBrenda Thompson Schoolfield is a professor of history at Bob Jones University, where she teaches several classes about the colonial period in American history as well as graduate courses. She earned her PhD in early American history from the University of South Carolina. Her dissertation studied poor relief in eighteenth-century Charleston, and she has studied time consciousness in her other work.

Mark SidwellMark Sidwell is a professor of history at Bob Jones University. He earned his PhD in church history from BJU. In addition to teaching in the history department and advising doctoral students in the church history program, Dr. Sidwell has authored or edited several books on religious history. His works include Free Indeed: Heroes of Black Christian History, Faith of Our Fathers: Scenes from Church History, Faith of Our Fathers: Scenes from American Church History, and a U.S. history textbook.

Ray St. JohnRay St. John is a professor of English at Bob Jones University, and the chair of the Division of English Language and Literature. He earned his PhD in American literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He teaches classes in colonial American literature, and he has written about the colonial American poet and pastor Edward Taylor. Dr. St. John is the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Gaffney, South Carolina.

Robert VincentRobert Vincent is a former professor of church history at the Bob Jones University Seminary and Graduate School of Religion. He is currently a pastor at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina.

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